Kasaï Central: Bandits shoot dead a doctor in Kanyuka


Kananga, June 5th, 2021(CPA).- A group of armed robbers shot and killed Dr. Valery Tolenga Ishange, attending physician at Kanyuka Hospital, Lukonga health zone, during a ‘a burglary perpetrated at his home, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, learned the CPa from witnesses of the event.These rascals extorted the victim’s motorcycle and took several other valuables belonging to the victim before fleeing and disappearing into the wild. The relevant services have not ruled out any leads to elucidate this murder which plunged the inhabitants of Kananga into unparalleled emotion.

The unfortunate man who was returning from mourning was, a few days before the crime, in open conflict of succession with members of his biological family. The local medical guilds denounced this umpteenth murder at the location of one of its members and called for the involvement of the provincial authority for the protection of people and their property. ACP/