Kwilu: end of an administrative and financial control mission at ISP / Bulungu


Kikwit, June 5th, 2021(CPA).- The administrative secretary general of the Higher Pedagogical Institute (ISP) of Bulungu, the head of works Emmanuel Mafolo Kasongo, said he was satisfied with the work carried out in the field by a delegation of the committee of ISP administration (CA-ISP) led by Musoso and Mboma Nive respectively administrative adviser and financial adviser to this structure.

He declared it, Friday, during an interview with the CPA, adding that the stay of this mission in Bulungu, comes a few months after the closing of the doors of the offices of three academic authorities by a national elected representative of this territory. accompanied by a group of young people who demanded the rehabilitation of three teachers and as many workers dismissed in November 2019 by these officials. »This situation had caused the dysfunction of this February alma mater last April, thus creating a sharp tension in the population, despite several attempts to restore peace on the part of the living forces of the city of Bulungu, of the council of local security, the provincial governor who had not led to any solution, ”said the head of works Mafolo Kasongo. He concluded that the objective of this mission was to establish responsibilities for this situation in order to allow the line ministry to conclude this file in the general interest of the community. ACP/