Minister Irène Esambo launches solidarity campaign in favor of PVH in Goma


Kinshasa, June 5th, 2021 (CPA).– The Leaders of associations and organizations of People Living with Disabilities and Other Vulnerable People (PVH-APV) went into the field, on the recommendation of the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Social Affairs, Actions Humanitarian Aid and National Solidarity, in charge of People Living with Disabilities and Other Vulnerable People, Irène Esambo Diata, for the solidarity campaign in favor of PVH-APV in Goma, in the province of North Kivu, the ACP learned on Friday. within this ministry. Minister Irène Esambo Diata, who launched this campaign called “Action Handicapped Goma” at the beginning of the week in Kinshasa, sensitized these leaders on the calamitous conditions in which our compatriots PVH –APV of Goma live since the advent of the ‘volcanic eruption. She launched a vibrant appeal for solidarity, in order to assist this layer of the population, with regard to their situation of mental, physical, psychological vulnerability, etc., before inviting these leaders of the associations of PVH-APH to pass on the issue ‘Information and to collect food and non-food, from people of good will, across the four districts of Kinshasa. ACP/