The widow of the late Delphin Kahimbi and her mother acquitted by TGI / Gombe


Kinshasa, June 8th, 2021 (CPA) – Kinshasa High Court (TGI) / Gombe acquitted, on Monday, the widow and mother-in-law of the late Delphin Kahimbi in the trial of his death at a fairground hearing in Makala central prison contrary to the indictment of the public prosecutor who had requested for them, the death penalty.

In addition, the widow and the mother-in-law of the late, former head of military intelligence, the nephew, the pastor of the widow Kahimbi, as well as another woman accused of having facilitated the hiring of a servant who has disappeared, have been also released.

Found dead on February 28th, 2020 in his house, the late General Delphin Kahimbi was suspended from his duties a few hours before his death, after being summoned several times by the National Security Council where he was accused of attempted espionage against the President Felix Tshisekedi.

The day before his death, his home had been searched, his guard relieved and replaced by elements of the Military Police.

A few days after his death, the Head of State had declared, during a council of ministers, that the elements in his possession indicated that Delphin Kahimbi had been killed by strangulation.

After the general’s funeral, his widow was placed under house arrest and then arrested along with Widow Kahimbi’s mother, nephew and pastor, as well as another lady accused of facilitating the hiring of a servant with disappeared after the death of Delphin Kahimbi.