Deputy Prime Minister Lihau for public administration at the service of the people


Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Civil Service, modernization of the public administration, innovation of the public service, Jean-Pierre Lihau urged the secretaries general of the public administration to put in place of a quality administration in the public service in their respective sectors, during a meeting he had Thursday, with these senior executives of the country at the red lounge of the government hall in Gombe.

Deputy Prime Minister Lihau who made a severe diagnosis asked them in particular to implement sectoral reforms to improve the working conditions of state employees, also urged them to internalize the vision of the Head of State. , Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo of a public administration at the service of the people.

« This reform wanted by the President of the Republic, also concerns the modernization of the administrative apparatus, the control and the rejuvenation of the workforce », he added, before recalling that the administration is a strategic pillar of development. of a modern state.

In his work diagnosis, Vice Premier Lihau noted the dysfunction that undermines the public administration.

These include the obsolescence of the texts and regulations governing State employees, the absence of an effective social protection system and the poor definition of the missions of the ministries leading to an overlap of powers and the redundancy of structures and benefits.

He also noted that there is a plethora of staff whose profile does not always correspond to the requirements of the position, a deficit of professional ethics and anti-values ​​as well as the existence of an opaque and unequal system of allocation of bonuses. and the absence of a motivating and incentive wage policy.

He also noted the deficient management of human resources, the problem of ministerial orders having been granted without administrative discipline as well as the disparity of salaries and benefits of the public administration.

Controlling the workforce, one of the major challenges for Deputy Prime Minister Lihau

Controlling the workforce of the public administration is one of the major challenges to be overcome in order to improve the social and working conditions of civil servants, said Deputy Prime Minister Lihau.

According to him, the gradual rejuvenation of the staff, the honorable retirement, the improvement of the working conditions of State agents and the rational management of the career of State agents according to universal standards as well as the materialization and the progressive computerization of public administration is also a battle horse.

“We have to innovate in order to pinpoint the reception dimension of users of the public service. It allows us to see if we are in front of a serious administration, yes or no, ”he said adding that it is necessary to modernize, mainly inside the country at the lower administrative level by building up to the level. from the provinces at least one building to house the administrative services.

Speaking about his way of managing human resources, he said that he has already established a system of social dialogue to resolve certain crises within the civil service.

While stressing that he gives pride of place to the social partners, he said that this dialogue made it possible to reunite the two factions of the national inter-union of public administration (INAP) as well as the end of the strike for a lasting peace which will lead in the coming days to trade union elections for the public service.

Since assuming this post, Deputy Premier Lihau has been leading actions for the materialization of a ministry equal to the greatness of the DRC. ACP/