Fishermen from Kitadi to Matadi invited to join together in an association


Matadi, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The Provincial Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock of Kongo Central, Pauline Mvibudulu invited fishermen to come together in an association for a better exercise of their professions.

The provincial minister made the remarks during a visit she made Thursday to Kitadi Square, on the banks of the Congo River in Matadi, as part of an inspection tour of the sectoral services of her ministry.

The provincial minister of agriculture, fishing and breeding conveyed to her hosts the encouragement of the provincial governor Atou Matubuana Nkuluki.

Previously, these fishermen had submitted to the provincial minister in charge several problems they face, including the lack of canoes, fishing nets, hooks and life jackets.

They also pleaded for the acquisition of membership cards for their better identification in the face of certain security requirements.

At the end of this meeting, the provincial minister presented a batch of bags of salt and sugar to the fishermen who, in turn, gave their supervisory authority a large fish as a sign of thanks.

                     Inspection visit to sectoral services

The provincial minister of agriculture, fishing and livestock began her inspection visit on Wednesday in the various sectoral services under her supervision in Matadi to inquire about the working conditions of the agents as part of her proximity policy, in the presence of the provincial inspector of agriculture, rural development, fishing and breeding.

« On behalf of Governor Atou Matubuana, I went down to the base to acquire the right information and visit our services which are installed in municipalities, in particular agriculture, rural development, fishing and livestock, » said Ms. Mvibudulu who recommended all these services to put more serous to work.

She reiterated the support of the provincial government of Kongo Central for the vision of Head of State centered on the slogan « the people first ».

The municipal inspectors and the agents of agriculture, fishing, breeding and rural development pleaded with the provincial minister in charge of the acquisition of operating costs, the mechanization of new units, the improvement of working conditions.

They also submitted to him the problems related to the addition of premises, the supply of offices and farming equipment, the lack of means of transport and the need for seeds. ACP/