Lack of enthusiasm for vaccination against Covid-19 deplored in Boma


Boma, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The chief medical officer of the Boma health zone, Dr. Kennedy Nzebo deplored the lack of enthusiasm of the population of his structure to the vaccination against Covid-19, in a message from awareness sent to the press on Wednesday.

Since the launch of this vaccination on May 21st by the mayor of the city, only 200 people have responded positively to the call, he said, indicating that the population is plunged into fear of experiencing the side effects of the disease. product of this vaccination.

He took this opportunity to relaunch awareness, by now wishing the compulsory nature of this vaccination to cope with the third wave of this very virulent pandemic.

Since the start of this vaccination, no one has claimed to have experienced serious side effects from this vaccine, noted Dr Kennedy Nzebo.

He urged the population to respect barrier gestures, before insisting on the vaccination of target people, aged 55 and over, who continue to withdraw from vaccination. ACP/