MP Peter Kazadi for the respect of town planning rules in Mont Amba


Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of State in charge of Urban Planning and Housing, Pius Muabilu, exchanged views on Thursday with the provincial deputy of the Kinshasa constituency, Peter Kazadi, who came to appeal to him , compliance with urban planning standards in the construction of service stations in the district of Mont Amba, the CPA said Friday learned.

According to the source, the provincial deputy Peter Kazadi, the service stations are built without the least observation of the planning rules to guarantee the safety to the population in this constituency of the city of Kinshasa.

“Service stations abound across his constituency without taking into account either environmental rules or public health imperatives. In the commune of Lemba, stations are built even in front of the gates of the plots, even ignoring the dangers that residents run against flammable products, ”said Kinshasa’s provincial elected official. In reaction to this concern of the deputy, Pius Muabilu, ordered the division head to enforce the law in this matter. In the second audience, he spoke with two heads of urban divisions, who came from Kolwezi, in the province of Lualaba, with whom he raised the problem of instructions aimed at enforcing the regulations governing the urban planning and housing sectors.

He gave them the final instructions on the organization of work for the mobilization of revenues.

Provincial deputy pleads for compliance with gas station construction standards on the construction standards of service stations in the district of Mont – Amba. These, he said, are born without taking into account environmental, urban and health standards. Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) elected official Péter Kazadi on the occasion asked for involvement staff of the minister in charge, in order to enforce the established order in the construction of gas stations in order to avoid anarchy.

 “I came to see the Minister of Hydrocarbons on the situation facing the population of the city of Kinshasa in relation to the multiplicity of service stations which abound everywhere. There are some that are even built on REGIDESO pipes and SNEL cables, ”said provincial deputy Péter Kazadi. In reaction, the Minister of Hydrocarbons Didier Budimbu noted that this situation worries his ministry and that he has already included this problem among the actions to be carried out, before reassuring his host of his desire to restore order in this

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