New Bel Espoir wins the 2020-2021 EUFKIN-Kilimani Championship


Kinshasa, June 12th, 2021 (CPA).- New Bel Espoir won the 2020-2021 Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Kilimani Division IV championship with 33 points in 14 matches.

He is followed by CFS Comet with 27 points for the same number of matches. The classification at the end of the championship is established as follows: New Bel Espoir 33 points, CFS Comet 27 pts, Royal King FC 22 pts, AG Foot and Kinshasa United 20 points, Okapi FC 17 pts, Diabe Sport 13 pts, New 4 point vision.

New Bel Espoir takes away the award for best attacking in Division IV

New Bel Espoir took the award for best in Division IV from EUFKIN-Kilimani with 35 goals. He is closely followed by CFS Comet 26 goals.

The ranking of attacks after Matchday 14 is as follows: 35 goals: New Bel Espoir; 27 goals: CFS Comet; 23 goals: Kinshasa United; 21 goals: Okapi; 20 goals: Royal King FC; 19 goals: Diabe Sport; 12 goals: AG Foot: 7 goals: New Vision.

CFS Comet Best Defense

CFS Comet has the best defense in the 2020-2021 EUFKIN-Kilimani Division IV Championship with 10 goals. He is followed by New Bel Espoir with 12 goals. The classification of defenses according to the goals conceded is as follows: CFS Comet 10 goals AG Foot 11 goals, New Bel Espoir 12 goals, Kinshasa United 19 goals, Royal King FC 20 goals, Diabe Sport 25 goals, Okapi FC 30 goals, New Vision 36 goals. ACP/