Congolese MPs called on to raise awareness of the implementation of the ecosystem restoration program in their electoral districts


Kinshasa, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- The Deputy Prime Minister (VPM) in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba, called on Saturday at the N’Sele Animal Park in Kinshasa, the MPs to raise awareness about the implementation of the ecosystem restoration program in their various constituencies, in accordance with the vision of the Head of the ‘State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, to plant 1 billion trees in the DRC by 2023.

Deputy Prime Minister Eve Bazaiba, who was speaking within the framework of the pursuit of activities related to the launch on June 5 of the decade of ecosystem restoration, said she was convinced that a few days before the start of the parliamentary recess , each of the deputies will accompany the Congolese government in the execution of this program which is so important for humanity as a whole and for the Congolese population in particular, by bringing it to its electoral district.

« As we certainly know, the DRC is one of the most important centers which will protect humanity in relation to its environmental potentials, in particular the fauna, the flora and the water resources and all that is there. « , she indicated, stressing that the tree is life, and that to protect nature is to protect oneself.

The tree and the water resources are part of a cycle of ecosystems that allow all of humanity to live. It is the tree that gives off oxygen that humans and everything that lives inhale for survival, she insisted.

With this in mind, Ms. Bazaiba urges the cities that do not have trees to join the logistics of the Head of State to plant trees, thus calling for the support of everyone in order to generate trees. She promised to keep track of tree growth like a child in need of nurturing.

There are two reasons for starting this program during the dry season. The first reason is respect for the commitment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the international community and to humanity. The second reason is that this tree plantation is a challenge to be taken up to prove that the DRC is able to adapt to all situations as well as to restore ecosystems even during the dry season which is not generally favorable for the country. tree growth especially in Kinshasa.

« It is true that we are a large country. In other provinces, the rainfall is almost permanent, but in the west we have the problem of 2 seasons and currently it is the dry season that is underway. therefore does not constitute an obstacle for the continuity of tree planting because we have the Congo River right next to it for watering, ”she concluded. ACP/