Ituri: twenty-one CODECO militiamen neutralized by the FARDC in Fataki


Bunia, May 13, 2021 (ACP).- The spokesperson for the FARDC operational sector in Ituri, Lieutenant Jules Ngongo, on Sunday announced to the CPA the neutralization of twenty-one (21) CODECO militiamen during clashes between loyalist forces and these thugs in the locality of Fataki located 98km north of downtown Bunia in Djugu territory.

“The armed forces alerted by its population destroyed an ambush that was set by the CODECO armed group. The army’s assault ended in the bitter failure of these militiamen who, in their desire at all costs, wanted to kill the population and attack elements of the armed forces, ”he said.

In addition to the neutralization of these elements, indicated Lieutenant Jules Ngongo, five AK47-type weapons were recovered by the army before noting that several wounded in the enemy camp are interned at Fataki hospital which was onentargets of these armed bandits.

He took the opportunity to pay tribute to an army officer, his dear wife and two valiant soldiers fatally shot by the terrorists who were on the run on the Katoto-Kparngaza axis.

Lieutenant Jules Ngongo also indicated that the fighting is underway in the locality under review before reassuring that the army maintains supremacy over the enemy promising to communicate the details of these operations at the appropriate time.

Surrender of five Banyabwisha subjects

In addition, on the other front in Boga, a locality located more than 120 km from Bunia, Irumu territory, said Lieutenant Jules Ngongo, five Banyabwisha subjects allied with ADF terrorists surrendered to the armed forces with five AK47 type weapons after military pressure exerted on them.

« These Banyabwisha subjects have already been transferred to the operational sector headquarters, » he said.

« We are ranged in order of battle useful to hunt down all these outlaws no matter what their inclinations. We are at our post of duty to defend the population and their property and especially to put out of harm’s way these negative forces ”, he insisted.

Finally, Lieutenant Jules Ngongo, in the name of the military governor, Lt General Johnny Luboya N’kashama called on the population of Ituri to « unite » to definitively neutralize all these negative forces which scour this young province. ACP/