Minister Patrick Muyaya for the diversification of institutional communication strategies


Kinshasa, June 13th, 2021 (CPA).- Government spokesperson and Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya, pleaded on Saturday for the diversification of government communication strategies, in a communication made to the students of the College High Studies in Strategies and Defense (CHESD), in the town of Gombe, indicates the communication service of said in a press release received by the CPA.

According to the source, Minister Patrick Muyaya speaking of his own experience in two months as spokesman for the Congolese government, placed his presentation under the theme « Media knowledge and my experience of crisis management ». He explained the need for the government to regularly give the right information to the public, through both national and foreign media.

The Government spokesperson suggested, to this end, to act in stages, namely, the inventory of the given situation in order to collect as many facts as possible on this situation, anticipation of the event. through the sharing of government opinion and even the orientation of opinion as well as the establishment of a good coordination of information in order to make the link between information and the functioning of government.

Patrick Muyaya recommended rituals to regularly inform citizens.

« In this context, bulletins on the state of siege are regularly published, press conferences are also organized to communicate and explain to the public what is happening in Ituri and North Kivu », underlined the door. – speech of the Government.

“As soon as the news about the Nyiragongo volcano eruption spread, I was facing it and facing an eruption of calls, tweets and I had to stay calm. Information was needed from the Military Governor and the Goma Volcanological Observatory (OVG). So I had to equip myself to communicate better. The crisis unit was created at the Prime Minister’s office, ”he testified.

He also explained to his audience in these terms, “We were appointed as the country emerged from a crisis between the FCC and CASH. It was already a crisis that had to be managed. And, in two months, we must first manage the state of siege crisis followed by the volcanic eruption and all crowned by the Covid-19 pandemic”.

« I opted, facing the international media for the strategy of changing the narrative, because all these crises can constitute an opportunity, » he concluded. ACP/