Launching of the ‘Watoto radio’ campaign on the occasion of the day of the African child


Goma, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).– Daniel Makasi, initiator of online radio « web radio » launched Wednesday in the room of the UNPC, the campaign « Watoto radio » on the occasion of the commemoration of the international day of the African child, celebrated on June 16 of each year, noted the CPA.

This campaign aims to promote the voice of the child through the production of radio content, that is to say to give children the chance by giving them space in the radio program schedules so that they can talk about themselves, « a child, a radio », indicated, Daniel Makasi.

About thirty journalists, delegates from various media that spray the volcanic city, took an active part in this ceremony during which various prizes were offered to broadcasting channels including RTNC, Pole FM, Kivu1, RTCT, Sauti ya injili , RTVH from Butembo, Amani FM from Fizi in South Kivu.

These radios convey the messages of the children through various contents on their antennas.

Journalists were invited to subscribe to the membership form to encourage the campaign by purchasing a thousand Congolese franc mask made by « Watoto radio, » said Laurence Wasingya, campaign director.

During the Nyiragongo volcanic eruption disaster « Watoto radio » reunited other children separated from their families.

 Web radio broadcasts programs about children for free that are watched all over the world, said Daniel Makasi. ACP/