Minister Yves Bunkulu for the success of the elective general assembly of the YMCA


Kinshasa, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of Youth, Initiation to new citizenship and national cohesion, Yves Zola has pledged his involvement for the success of the holding of the elective general assembly of the Christian Youth Association gens-Female Christian Association (YMCA) scheduled for the end of June with a view to organizing peaceful and credible elections.

To achieve this, the technical supervisory authority has empowered experts who have joined the team set up at the YMCA to get down to business for the execution of the preparatory work for this assembly.

In synergy with the latter, the ministry’s delegates thus support the organizing committee in the effort to settle all open and pending disputes and to reconcile the members of the decision-making body, for peaceful elections. The duration of the work is 21 days, from June 9 to 29.

In addition, concomitantly with the preparatory work for the headquarters with the support of the cabinet of the Minister of Youth, the national president and the national secretary general, MM. Jimmy Matulu and Batty Mundhu Fetty initiated in Kinshasa, through a delegation led by the president of the provincial committee of YMCA in Kinshasa, Charles Mavuanda, a tour in the local unions as a prelude to the elections in sight. This tour aims to identify and evaluate the members of the association in order to take part in the votes on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to analyze their activity reports. ACP/