The health of millions of children around the world threatened by electronic waste


Kinshasa, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).- The health of millions of children around the world is threatened by electronic waste, since their bodies are less able to metabolize or eradicate the polluting toxic substances that they absorb proportionately , indicates a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) received Friday at the ACP.

According to the source, Children exposed to waste electrical and electronic equipment are particularly vulnerable to the toxic chemicals it contains, due to their smaller size, lower organ development and faster growth rate.

In addition, for an expectant mother, exposure to toxic electronic waste can have lifelong negative consequences on the health and development of her unborn child. These consequences are, among others, premature birth, low birth weight or height, behavioral problems, changes in the child’s mood, difficulties in sensory integration and lower cognitive and language scores. .

Impairments in lung function, respiratory effects, DNA damage, impaired thyroid function and the increased risk of certain chronic diseases later in life, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease are also among these consequences. .

Faced with this situation WHO calls on states to take effective measures to protect millions of children, adolescents and pregnant women around the world whose health is threatened by the informal treatment of electrical equipment. Electronic waste or e-waste comes from equipment operating with electric current, it is noteed. ACP/