The NGO « ANMDH » pleads for respect for children’s rights


Kinshasa, June 19th, 2021 (CPA).– Ms. Marie-Thérèse Kalonda, coordinator of the women’s cell of the NGODH called «  Les Amis de Nelson Mandela  » for the defense of human rights  » (ANMDH) urged on Friday, during an interview with the CPA, on the sidelines of the day of the African child, the government to translate into facts its commitment to end violence against children as well as the violation of their rights.

Ms. Kalonda deplored, to this end, the persistence of the suffering of marginalized orphans in many families of bad faith who tax them as wizards, adding that these last victims of abuse, discrimination find it difficult to recover their rights in this area. of succession.

Worse, she continued, this category of people from destitute parents deviated from normal life in society, remain illiterate and illiterate, before resolving to join the street in order to try to survive there through prostitution and many others. ‘other acts of vandalism.

The government is thus called upon to ensure, in this era of free education, that all these children are enrolled in school. ACP/