A campaign called « promo elanga » organized in favor of children in some municipalities


Kinshasa, June 25th, 2021 (CPA).- The NGO “Education for a responsible life for children and young people in Congo (EVRE)”, based in the commune of Kalamu, is organizing a series of campaigns from June 20thto July 31stpromotional health care called « promo elanga » for the benefit of the population in general and children in particular residing in the municipalities of Limete (Mombele), Makala and Ngaba. This humanitarian operation, organized through its branch of its Les un Étoiles Medical Center (CME), consists of fighting against various pathologies that attack children during the dry season and administering health care at reduced rates, given the precariousness of life experienced by most families.

The administrator-manager of the CME, Jemima Bodi, who delivered this information on Friday to the CPA, indicated that a reduction of 20% is granted for surgeries concerning the hernia, the ovarian cyst, the cesarean section and the vaginal birth.

In addition, added Ms. Bodi, patients will receive a 30% discount for pediatric consultations and 50% for general consultations, treatments as well as laboratory tests.

According to the administrator-manager of this medical training, « Promo elanga » was initiated with the aim of contributing somewhat to the well-being and improvement of the health of the inhabitants of these municipalities, in response to the recommendation of the Lord Jesus to love one another, concludes Jemima Bodi. ACP/