Ituri: chaotic situation in Mongwalu dungeon where some inmates struggle with drinking water


Bunia, June 25th, 2021 (CPA).- Civil Protection (PC) / Ituri coordinator Robert Ndjalonga Dz’ro deemed the situation in the Congolese National Police (PNC) dungeon in the rural commune of Mongwalu located 85 km north of Bunia in Djugu territory where some detainees drink their own urine for lack of water.

« No toilets, no water, very bad air, etc. To this day, the detainees in this dungeon completely lack food, medicine and water to drink. Some detainees sometimes drink their own urine. » , he explained.

Robert NdjalongaDz’ro has meant that for the moment, there is no magistrate supposed to decide on the fate of these detainees being in this dungeon which has become almost a real death.

To find suitable solutions in favor of these detainees who have the right to life, he made several recommendations including the emergency evacuation to Bunia of all detainees from the Djugu prosecutor’s office as well as those from the Djugu peace court in Mongwalu, to the partners who had financed the project to complete the construction of this dungeon while the government, humanitarian partners and any person of good will to assist these detainees by providing them with food, medicine, water, hygiene and sanitation.

Three (3) detainees have already died in this dungeon since the beginning of the current week while six (6) others being in a bad state, were transferred to the general hospital of the entity under examination, it is reported.

MONUSCO had financed the construction work of the Mongwalu dungeon since the end of 2017 and handed over to the Djugu prosecutor’s office of this mining entity in July 2019 in an unfinished state, it is reported. ACP/