Portuguese investors interested in fishing at Kongo Central


MatadiJune, 25th, 2021 (CPA) .– Portuguese investors interested in the fishing sector in Kongo Central, are staying in this province where they discussed Wednesday with the provincial minister of agriculture, fishing and breeding, Pauline Mvibudulu, the possibilities of invest in the province, a source close to the provincial ministry told the CPA on Friday.

According to the source, these Portuguese investors who plan to set up a unit to deal with the capture, processing and marketing, have submitted to the provincial minister Pauline Mvibudubu the need related to the acquisition of a site where it will be implemented this unit as well as the operating license.

The provincial minister of agriculture, fishing and breeding was accompanied to this working session by experts from her cabinet as well as heads of provincial divisions, said the source who also expressed the interest of these same people. Portuguese environmental investors at Kongo Central. ACP/