Reception in Kasaï Oriental of the mobile laboratory vehicle for the detection of Covid-19


Mbuji-Mayi, June 25th, 2021 (CPA).- The interim governor of Kasaï Oriental, Ms. Jeannette Longa Muswamba presided last Tuesday on the esplanade of the provincial governorate in Mbuji-Mayi, the double ceremony dedicated to the reception and the presentation a mobile medical laboratory vehicle.

This tool, for the benefit of the treatment center and the management of cases of Covid-19 which will be installed at the general referral hospital of Dipumba in Mbuji-Mayi, was handed over after receipt by the provincial authority, to the Provincial Minister of Health Liévin Mbuyamba Sifila.

 The latter, in turn, placed it at the disposal of the head of the provincial division for rational management.

The head of the provincial health division, Dr Nestor Tshiteku Kaboto, for his part explained to the provincial authority the importance of this material consisting in the detection of cases of patients and of contacts at home and around the patient. .

He also suggested that this laboratory, which should allow rapid diagnosis of coronavirus cases, is equipped with a refrigerator for the efficient conservation of samples, a generator, a battery and other equipment.

He said that this endowment comes at the right time as a response to the needs expressed by this province in the grip of an upsurge in Covid-19 cases assessed today at 46 including 9 deaths.

   A batch of medical materials and equipment expected in Dipumba

The head of the provincial health division, Dr Nestor Tshiteku Kaboto, announced the arrival in Mbuji-Mayi of a large batch of materials and equipment for the care of coronavirus patients at the treatment center of the general hospital benchmark of Dipumba, acquired with the province’s own funds.

Acting Governor Jeannette Longa thanked the DRC government for providing the province with this mobile biomedical laboratory for the detection of coronavirus cases, a donation from the Federal Republic of Russia to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She urged the East Kasai people to follow the advice of doctors in order to protect themselves and others. ACP/