The « Albert Mokengo » Foundation advocates the strengthening of the sanitation and hygiene system, cleanliness in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, June 26th, 2021 (CPA).- Dr. Albert Mokengo, head of the “Albert Mokengo” Foundation, underlined the need to strengthen the sanitation, hygiene and sanitation system in the city of Kinshasa in the DRC, during ‘a conference, organized in the town of Gombe, learned the CPA on Friday from the “Kinshasa-Bopeto” Coordination.

According to the source, during this event, Mr. Mokengo made a projection on the problem of garbage in Kinshasa, proposing a project to create a society of hygiene and sanitation of Kinshasa (HYSAKIN), to solve the management of waste in the Congolese capital.

He also underlined the need for the transformation of the Kinshasa Sanitation Authority (RASKIN) and the “Kinshasa-Bopeto” program into a commercial company, endowed with management autonomy and accountability to the people in terms of concerns sanitation. This, in order to create enough jobs for young people and to generate the means to finance the development actions of the city of Kinshasa in particular and of the DRC in general.

« The Congolese must pay for the treatment of their waste like everyone else does with electrical energy and others, this will prevent this population from living in garbage cans, as is the case in some municipalities », he added. he says.

For his part, the provincial coordinator of « Kinshasa bopeto », Germain Mpundu, invited the Kinshasa people to get their hands dirty with regard to the transformation of the city of Kinshasa, adding that private initiatives can be framed by the authorities. public.

He insisted on the fact that « today in Kinshasa, there are positive sanctions, the implementation of which is made possible thanks to the city’s partners who transform and recycle this waste from the population, for a sum of ‘money based on the kilos brought to the companies working there in the recycling field.

He also spoke of negative sanctions, in accordance with the edict « Sanitation of the city of Kinshasa ». ACP/