The Review of legal titles of forest concessions in the DRC at the center of a workshop in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, June 25th, 2021 (CPA).– The Secretary General at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Benjamin Toirambe opened Friday in the parish hall of the Sacré Coeur, in the town of Gombe in Kinshasa, the workshop of a day marking the launch of the mission on the Review of legal titles of forest concessions in the DRC.

This workshop was organized with the support of the local NGO, Action massive Rurale (AMAR), with a view to sharing and consulting stakeholders at the national level in Kinshasa.

Mr. Benjamin Toirambe said that to date, there is a need to review the situation of current forest concessions to ensure compliance with new regulations taken since 2002 in application of the Forest Code.

It is with this code that the DRC has embarked on « an ambitious reform program », he recalled, before asserting that this instrument creates a new logging title, in particular the concession contract. (CCF) and brings innovations.

He also specified that according to the forestry code, followed by the implementing decrees of 2008 and 2011, adjudication becomes the main and systematic allocation method for concessions intended for industrial timber exploitation, while the mutual agreement will be exceptional and reserved for the development of alternative uses of the forest.

Article 155 of the 2002 Forest Code, enshrining the conversion of old titles to CCF, is at the origin of forest concessions, he stressed, while indicating that the process of converting old titles was completed on August 26, 2014.

At the same time, Mr. Benjamin Toirambe recalled the moratorium of May 14, 2002, which prohibited the granting of new forest titles in order to clean up the sector from the overlapping and multiplying logging titles.

Previously, he had brushed for participants in this workshop offered by the constituent PPM- OCA Global, a private company group based in Spain and specialized in inspection, certification quality control, testing, Advice and training on the fabric of the whole process of said review.

He stressed that the Government of the Republic of Congo (DRC) has made firm commitments to the nation and its international partners to protect and grow the forests of the Congo through the sustainable management of its resources and the production of many goods and services from its forests.

This in terms of carbon storage to reduce climate change and climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem regulation. The Conventions on biodiversity and desertification are among the main international commitments made by the DRC, it is reported.ACP/