WHO announces 39% increase in Covid-19 cases in Africa


Kinshasa, June 25th, 2021 (CPA).– The WHO announced last Wednesday in its report devoted to the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic that Africa is experiencing a 39% increase in weekly cases compared to the previous week, notes a press release from this UN agency which reached the CPA on Thursday.

According to this press release, for the eighth consecutive week, the pandemic is slowing down around the world, with a drop in the number of cases of 6% over the past week but the African continent has recorded a marked increase in the weekly incidence of cases in over the past month.

The number of cases recorded in the world now exceeds the mark of 178 million.

Mortality increased in Africa (over 38%) and the Eastern Mediterranean (over 2%), but decreased in Southeast Asia (-26%), Europe (-12%) and the Western Pacific (-9%). Overall, mortality remains high with more than 9,000 deaths reported each day during the past week worldwide, the WHO said in its report.

Generally, the latest WHO epidemiological bulletin shows that the situation in the African continent remains the most worrying. Africa has reported more than 132,000 new cases and more than 1,900 new deaths. The largest increases were recorded in the countries of southern and eastern Africa.

Specifically, the most numerous new cases were reported by South Africa with 70,739 new cases, an increase of 48%. Zambia (16,641 new cases, an increase of 54%) and Uganda follow (9,926 new cases, an increase of 16%).

On mortality, South Africa also leads with 937 new deaths. This is an increase of 29%. Followed by Zambia (230 new deaths, an increase of 271%) and Uganda (203 new deaths, an increase of 314%). ACP/