Women parliamentarians discuss with Eve Bazaiba on the collaboration between the Government and REFEPA


Kinshasa, June 25th, 2021 (CPA).– A delegation from the Network of Women Parliamentarians (REFEPA) led by the national deputy Dominique Munongo, rapporteur of this network, discussed Thursday, with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Environment and Development sustainable, Eve Bazaiba Masudi, around the collaboration between their group and the government of the Republic, particularly in the environmental sector, during an audience granted by the Deputy Prime Minister to these elected officials.

“We made suggestions to the Deputy Prime Minister on actions that his ministry will take in the future. We also encouraged him in his tenure, « Dominique Munongo said after the hearing.

The REFEPA delegation did not fail to raise issues relating to women’s concerns, before congratulating Ms. Bazaiba on her rise to the post of Deputy Prime Minister. « Women have the right to equitable representation within national, provincial and local institutions », underlined the head of the delegation of women parliamentarians.Besides Mrs. Dominique Munongo, the REFEPA delegation was made up of national deputies Anne Marie Mbilambangu and Viviane Kapufi.

Created in May 2019 at the People’s Palace, REFEPA pursues several objectives; in particular the capacity building of women parliamentarians to make them more competitive in their function, and advocate women’s rights, it is recalled. ACP/