Felix Tshisekedi encourages the continuation of discussions between the Government and FEC


Kinshasa, July 1 fst, 2021 (CPA).– The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, encouraged the Government to continue discussions with the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC) on the lower prices of basic necessities.

During an interview he gave on Thursday to the national press in Goma, the Head of State indicated that the discussions between the two parties must lead to a solution in order to relieve the daily life of the population. .

« The Minister in charge of Economy, whom I appreciate moreover in his efforts and whom I fully support, (…) did well to take a decision because this decision made the FEC reacts, now obliged to come to the table of discussions. This is what I encourage, we must discuss because some are private, they look at their interests. They are there to do business, to prosper. I too encourage them to do everything to prosper, but be careful, they are partners of the State. The latter is there to guarantee the well-being of the population. At that time, they must sit around a table and discuss with the State for the interest of the population that we are defending”, declared Felix Tshisekedi.

Vehicles of national deputies are paid for at their own expense

To a question on the 4×4 vehicles of national elected, the President of the Republic indicated that these will be paid at the expense of national elected representatives as in previous legislatures.

“This is not a giveaway, they will pay for it at their own expense. I point out here, it is not that the President of the Republic has a pot somewhere”, he underlined, adding that there are among these deputies, those coming from the interior who did not even the means of transport in Kinshasa, when they have to do their job. There are some who also go to Parliament on motorcycles with all the risks we know, said Felix Tshisekedi.

Head of State sorry for what happened to Vital Kamerhe

Regarding his former chief of staff Vital Kamerhe, the President of the Republic said that “Kamerhe is my brother. I am totally sorry for what is happening to him. I did not want it, contrary to the words of certain ill-intentioned people”.

According to the Head of State, the problem of prefabricated houses was raised during a council of ministers which decided to put Vital Kamerhe at the disposal of the justice system to clarify this matter.

Matata Ponyo case: No witch hunt

In addition, the President of the Republic rejected in block the accusations of harassment on the former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Mponyo, before reassuring that it is not also a witch hunt, but quite simply its determination to guarantee the independence of the Congolese justice system.

« I have always said that justice must do its job and you should never count on me so that I will interfere« , he said, affirming that « Augustin Matata Mponyo, it is somebody » one that I respect and appreciate a lot moreover”.

The Head of State, however, deplored the creation of a category of Congolese who can, on the one hand, be subject to justice and report to justice. And on the other hand, Congolese who can be extirpated from justice, alluding to the rejection by the Senate of the request of the Prosecutor before the Constitutional Court to lift the immunities of Senator Matata Ponyo so that he responds to the facts alleged against him by the courtyard.

Payment of the back of the agents of the response against COVID-19

President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo reassured the payment of the backs of the agents committed to the response against COVID-19.

I called on the Minister in charge of Budget and the Minister in charge of Finance for a payment in installments. I believe that they will first pay two or three months and then make up for all the delay”, he stressed, before appreciating the work done by the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the fight against negative forces.

I have always said that if there is one place where we can still find people we can call patriots in this country, it is in our army. And that is why since my accession to the supreme office I have done everything to improve the lot of these men and women in arms because they show extraordinary patriotism”, declared the head of the state. ACP/