Advocacy for a public service of Civil Protection and Disaster Prevention in the DRC


Goma, July 3rd, 2021 (CPA). – The elected national deputy of Walikale, one of the six territories of the province of North Kivu, Juvenal Munubo, supported in Goma that the project to set up a public service in the DRC Civil Protection and Disaster Prevention, advocated during one of the ministerial councils by the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo, is of capital importance in preventing calamities.

The creation of such a public service to extend to all the provinces of the Republic implies, it is indicated, substantial means for its proper functioning; the establishment of first aid posts adapted to the types of disasters;

the creation of centers equipped in each city and territory, with intervention materials; the identification of all the provinces at risk or exposed to natural disasters and the ongoing training of major players in first aid.

To avoid the last malfunction of the Goma Volcanological Observatory (OVG), which was no longer operational due to the suspension of World Bank funding, this future Civil Protection and Disaster Prevention service will have to be granted a financial autonomy with the republic’s own funds and seek technical and financial support from partners, it is proposed.

The ORSEC Plan

In addition, since 2012 in the DRC, it should be recalled, there has been a Disaster Relief Organization (ORSEC) plan drawn up by the government, with the support of OCHA, the ICRC and the UNDP which aims the definition of a general procedure for managing disasters and emergencies, and for taking charge of victims with a view to limiting their damage.

According to this ORSEC plan, the relief, climatology and environment of the DRC predispose it to an almost certain occurrence of many disasters in one part or another of its territory. It is cited, in particular, the volcanic eruption of Nyiragongo in 2002; that of Nyamulagira and Karisimbi in 2010, which spat out lava and mud; the 2009 Bukavu earthquakes, drownings, floods, plane crashes, drought, heavy rains, strong winds, epidemics and epizootics (Ebola, Marburg, Yambuku, Measles, Meningitis, Avian influenza) and pollution with methane gas …

The Head of State’s decision to create a public service for Civil Protection and Disaster Prevention follows the eruption on Saturday, May 22nd, of the Nyiragongo volcano and its harmful spillover effects in terms of deaths and considerable material damage, it is recalled. ACP/NIG