Advocacy for the engagement of the local workforce within the NGO « CARE International » based in Kasongo


Kasongo, July 3rd, 2021 (CPA).- The territorial president of the civil society of Kasongo, Baby Ndombe Mwilungu, requested, in a broadcast statement, a copy of which reached the CPA, the involvement of the public authorities for the commitment of the local workforce in the NGO  » CARE International  » based in this territory of Maniema.

Baby Ndombe Mwilungu lamented, on this occasion, that more than fifty percent of the staff of this NGO come from the sister provinces of North and South Kivu and from the town of Kindu, capital of the province of Maniema to the detriment of the hand. local work.

It is in this context that the civil society force vive requested the involvement of the provincial governor so that the population of Kasongo comes within their rights, it being understood that the territory of Kasongo has all the skills required by CARE International for nature. of its activities in this part of the province of Maniema. ACP/NIG