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Advocacy for the support of military school teachers

Kinshasa, July 3rd, 2021 (CPA).- The commander of the Civic, Patriotic and Social Education Service (SECAS), Lieutenant General David Padiri Bulenda, accompanied by the national coordinator of FARDC schools, Colonel Joseph Kusimwa Sumaili , pleaded, Thursday, for the support of teachers of military schools, during a hearing granted to him by the Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education, Pr Tony Mwaba Kazadi in his office.

After having followed their concern relating to this assumption of responsibility of the teachers, the Minister of EPST announced the creation of a Commission called upon to follow the economy of the file, before ensuring the pay of the said teachers.

A delegation of elected national deputies of the province of Mai-Nome, claiming the pay of 3 months of arrears of the salaries of the teachers of this entity, was also received by the minister, it is recalled. ACP/NIG

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