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Ituri: the provincial government assists the health structures of Boga with an envelope of $ 30,000

Bunia, July 3rd, 2021 (CPA) .- The Vice-Governor of Ituri, Divisional Commissioner Alongabony Benjamin, on behalf of its holder, handed over to the delegation of the Anglican Church led by Mgr William Bahemuka, Bishop of Boga , an envelope of $ 30,000 (thirty thousand US dollars intended for vulnerable populations in the region of Boga, as part of humanitarian assistance to destroyed health structures.

 Bishop William Bahemuka, Bishop of Boga who received this assistance from the provincial authority, expressed his feelings of gratitude and joy in favor of the populations of Boga and its surroundings, whose destroyed health structures could be rehabilitated.

In addition, the chief medical officer of the Boga health zone, Dr Tim Kanywamboga, who accompanied the Bishop to the provincial authority, indicated that the Boga health zone has 81,633 inhabitants spread over three chiefdoms including Bahema / Boga, Bahema / Mitego and Banyali / Tchabit, as well as 20 health areas.

The military governor of Ituri, Lt General Luboya N’kashama Johnny had made a similar gesture to the CME / Nyakunde during his inspection visit of the troops engaged in military operations in the region to support this ailing medical training. operation, it is recalled. ACP/NIG

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