Reminder of strict compliance with barrier gestures against COVID-19 in Maniema


Kindu, July 3rd, 2021 (CPA).– The vice-president of the provincial assembly of Maniema, Bernard Guiyeni Nasili, urged the entire population of the province to strictly respect barrier gestures, in order to fight against the widespread scale of COVID-19 in its third wave, in his closing speech Tuesday of the exclusively budgetary September 2021 session.

On this occasion, he requested the involvement of everyone in order to enforce these measures, in particular the compulsory wearing of protective masks, regular hand washing with soap and ash, social distancing within the framework of the fight against this pandemic.

 Faced with the rise of the third wave of this pandemic, he urged the public authorities not to let go in monitoring and monitoring compliance with barrier measures in order to save his peers by saving himself from this viral disease. global. ACP/NIG