The building used as a depot for the Dr Rau hospital in Bukavu destroyed by fire


Bukavu, July 3rd, 2021 (CPA).– A fire broke out on Monday June 28 in the evening at Dr Rau hospital in Ciriri in Bagira commune in Bukavu, the CPA noted.

Ciriri’s deputy neighborhood chief Jules Bazibuhe Mageni said the fire had consumed the building serving as a depot, including vehicle parts and other valuables, which had gone up in smoke.

This local authority however notes the incivism of some patients treated in this hospital who took advantage of this unfortunate circumstance to flee without paying their bills.

In addition, Jules Bazibuhe deplores the lack of assistance from the town hall’s fire-fighting vehicle, which did not arrive on the spot despite several S.O.S launched. He took the opportunity to thank the young people of Ciriri and praise their bravery, because with their courage and determination, they put out the fire without any loss of life. ACP/NIG