Prime Minister Sama Lukonde talks with widow Chebeya


Kinshasa, July 4th, 2021 (CPA).– The Prime Minister, Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge, exchanged, Saturday in his office, with Madame Annie Chebeya, widow of the late Floribert Chebeya, who was accompanied by the president of the League of the Zone Africa for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Students (LIZADEEL), Joseph Godé Kayembe, and the vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and president of the League of voters, Paul Nsapu.

« We came to see the Prime Minister, first to congratulate him on his appointment, then to thank him for the attention he showed in being able to receive the widow Chebeya who came to present to him the social situation she is going through with her children. orphans, abandoned and inform her of the progress of her husband’s judicial file, which is apparently blocked, ”indicated, at the end of the hearing, the president of LIZADEEL.

He then confessed to having found, on the side of the Prime Minister, a high sense of listening, a feeling of accompaniment and a receptive person who must take useful measures as an authority, before wishing the unblocking of this file for that the Congolese state compensate the children and families who are victims.

For the reopening of the trial

For her part, confiding in the press, the widow Annie Chebeya invited the judicial authorities to do their work, by reopening the trial blocked to the detriment of the Chebeya and Bazana families, while the assassins made revelations.

The widow, who thanked the Prime Minister for his sustained attention, hopes to see the trial resume to clarify things as they unfolded, in order to end the suffering of the families and allow them to definitively end the mourning.

“Despite people’s testimonies, we want to know exactly what happened. May the real murderers be arrested, judged, according to law and justice. Let justice really do its job, ”concluded Ms. Chebeya.

Floribert Chebeya, then head of the human rights NGO “La Voix des Sans Voix” (VSV), was assassinated on June 2, 2010, in Kinshasa, with his driver Fidèle Bazana, it is recalled. ACP/