The situation of unpaid officials and new public administration units submitted to Deputy Premier Lihau


Kinshasa, July 8th  2021 (CPA).– The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Public Service, Modernization of Public Administration and Innovation of Public Services, Jean-Pierre Lihau Ebwa, received the delegation’s explanations on Tuesday of the general directorate of human resources of the public service on the situation of 40,000 unpaid registered agents of the public administration in DRC, during a hearing he granted him, in his office, in Gombe municipality.

The delegation made the statistical data available to Deputy Prime Minister Lihau so that he could find a solution with his colleagues concerned by this file with a view to taking them into account in 2022 budget forecasts.

The head of the delegation expressed the wish to see the government of the Republic take charge of these agents concerned for the remainder of the current months in order to allow them to take care of their respective families. MACP / Mankele