A memorandum from women’s civil society organizations submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The women’s organizations of the

Civil society filed Thursday with the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Jean –Michel Sama Lukonde, a memorandum in order to support the handing over and taking over to the Directorate of Mining Cadastre (CAMI).

These signatory organizations of this memorandum indicated that the CAMI is one of the five establishments in the mining sector in which the Head of State had appointed new officials on December 27, 2018 and the only institution where the handover and takeover did not occur. has never taken place until this day, before deploring that it was after several maneuvers by dignitaries of the former regime obstructing the execution of the acts of the President of the Republic against a background of political calculations and devoid of patriotism.

This approach in a vital sector for the Congolese nation against a woman who is the pride of the Congolese State by her know-how, is in contradiction with the vision of the Head of State which consists in participate competent women in the management of public affairs « , supported these members of civil society, brandishing the presidential ordinance n ° 18/138 of December 27, 2018 published in the official journal appointing Ms. Chantal Bashizi Lembo as director General of CAMI.

According to these social actors, the various postponements of the handover yet instructed by the Minister of Mines constitute delaying tactics tending to prevent Ms.Chantal Bashizi from officially implementing the changes that she has incorporated into the revised Mining Code as as Vice-President of the Government Commission responsible for revising the Mining Code.

Among these signatory organizations of the memorandum, we find in particular Femmes solidaires, (FESO), Network for the integral development of Congo (REDIC), Solidarity of women on the Congo River (SOFFLECO), Hope mama Africa (HMA), Oisillons groupe – le monde by the feminine. ACP/