Chad Manda recommends his book « The Scars of a Hero » to instill the spirit of sacrifice for others


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The Congolese author, Chad Manda, indicated during an interview, Friday, with the CPA that he recommends to readers his new work entitled « The scars of a hero » , whose content aims to instill a reading culture in young people and a spirit of sacrifice for others.

According to him, this book, available from Mikanda editions, is a favorable way for him to encourage his readers to do better, to sacrifice themselves for others and to take on an essential life mission that reflects the sense of going beyond for the others.

In « The Scars of a Hero » which is also one of the flagship titles of his novel, the writer tries to warn that by dint of doing good one can attract risks. « These risks, if they do not kill, we can get away with wounds, and these turn into scars, » he noted.

 “The Scars of a Hero” is a 106-page novel subdivided into 4 parts entitled: “Childhood-adulthood”, “Life is made up of opportunity costs”, “Difficult choices” and “In pursuit of my heroic”.

The author conceives of the heroism which consists in fighting and sacrificing oneself for the interests of others, including those who are not of one’s own family. He also maintains that the life of the great is summed up in sacrifice, the fight for the well-being of his community or the world as far as possible.

Note Chad Manda holds a BA in Economics and Management from UNIKIN. He worked as a banker in charge of customers in a local bank and in a brewing company.

It is since 2015 that he has been evolving in the writing profession. In 2020 he published his first essay titled: « You have potential too ». ACP/