Commemoration of the physical disappearance of his Eminence Diangenda Kuntima


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA) .- The faithful of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth through his special envoy the prohet Simon Kimbangu (EJCSK) commemorated, Thursday July 8th, 2021, the 29th anniversary since the physical disappearance of his Eminence Joseph Diangenda Kutima, younger son of the Prophet Simon Kimbangu and builder of the Kimbanguist church and works, during a worship service in the parish of Monkoto, in the commune of Ngiri-Ngiri.

Addressing the faithful, the Reverend Pastor Bena Nsilu, ex international adviser and director of the cabinet of Joseph Diangenda, his Eminence had gathered his children and his collaborators on June 3, 1992 to intimate them the order by saying « Let no one separate my Church, may no one separate my children, may no one separate the faithful so that their works may manifest throughout the world”.

Inspired by the book of Joel 2, 28-29 which states that « I spread my spirit especially the children who will prophesy the message of salvation », he called all the faithful Kimbanguists to prepare for this prophecy.

His Eminence Joseph Diangenda was ill, with health complications that led to his death, he informed.

Compared to the incarnation of Simon Kimbangu in his son, it took place when Joseph Diangenda died, for his eye is open and the other is in the tomb.

For her part, the vice-president of the Kimbanguist Women Department, Béatrice Zakayo, made a prayer for all the women in relation to this date that Kimbanguist Wednesdays will have to commemorate to remember the disappearance of her Eminence Joseph Kiangenda. .

They will have to shut themselves up somewhere to learn to practice the 3 precepts of the Church including love, work and good works so that God will be gracious to them by asking for unity in the holy family.

These precepts must mark all the faithful Kimbanguists, he insisted.

« May each of us become aware so that we can carry out our projects and we ask for peace in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and America so that God protects the whole world from the coronavirus pandemic, because our cause is just and victory is certain ”, concluded Reverend Pastor Bena Nsilu. ACP/