IFASIC Budget Administrator Raphaël Kidimbu has bowed out in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The Administrative Secretary General of the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences (IFASIC), Pr Madeleine Mbongo Mpasi, in a press release on Friday, announced the death during the night from Thursday to Friday, the Budget administrator and head of department of this university establishment, Raphaël Kidimbu, following a short illness, at the “NL Clinic” Hospital, in Kinshasa.

For Professor Madeleine Mbongo Mpasi, the late Raphaël Kidimbu was a worthy and competent collaborator within the management committee. “Your last day we spent it together, and I didn’t know you could start with an unexpected and sudden death,” she said.

IFASIC’s communications officer, Léon Mukoko, said he was shocked by the sudden disappearance of this authority, which he claims to have known since 1983 at IFASIC, then ISTI and with whom he had forged fraternal links.

Originally from the province of Kongo central, Raphaël Kidimbu Mpese is from the 11th promotion of ISTI-IFASIC where he obtained his degree in Information Science and Technology, Public Relations option in 1988.

After his studies at ISTI-IFASIC, he worked for the newspaper « Le Soft international » as a journalist and responsible for the promotion of this media.

In 1997, he was hired at IFASIC as a public relations officer before moving up through the ranks to the rank of Head of Department and will have twice held the post of budget administrator.

He leaves a widow and 3 children.

Raphael Kidimbu was a devout Catholic Christian. He prayed at the Christ-Roi parish of Kasa-Vubu.

While waiting for the funeral program, the body of the deceased is kept in the morgue of the Kinshasa Clinic, in the town of Gombe. ACP/