Journalists briefed on vision for UNDP’s 2020-2024 Five-Year Country Program


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).– Journalists from the development sector were briefed on Thursday on the vision of the UNDP five-year country program 2020-2024, during a press café in Kinshasa.

The Deputy Resident Representative of the UNDP, Laurent Rudasingwa, who jointly hosted this press café with his colleagues, presented to the media this Program and its various priority areas as well as the strategies that underpin them.

He indicated that this Program aligns with the national development plan and the United Nations Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development for the next four years, before announcing that this program is structured around three areas. intervention

These are areas relating to peacebuilding and governance, sustainable development, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change, as well as stabilization and recovery in conflict areas. .

In addition to these three programs, he continued, the UNDP contains within its unit a unit responsible for strategies aimed at promoting governance for sustainable development, economic transformation and the sustainable management of natural resources, stabilization and strengthening, in particular, of the resilience of populations.

Underlining the role played by the media, the Deputy Resident Representative of the UNDP, at the end of the meeting, recognized that the media are part of the links in the chain likely to relay the echoes of all the activities carried out by this organization in view of to publicize the impact of its work on the Congolese population and the beneficiaries of the services.

The coordinator of the Program called “CIDD”, Nelly Kankolongo, noted that the UNDP’s part in the development of this planning tool is at two levels, namely, its financial contribution for the diagnosis of the provinces and the validation of the document. work by the stakeholders and its technical support through which the UNDP makes experts available to the government for their deployment in the provinces.

The UNDP Team / Leader of the Governance and Peacebuilding pillar, Lucien Tulu, for its part, dwelled on democratic governance, more particularly on elections.

The UNDP, he said, supports institutions in building national capacities and accompanying the authorities in the evaluation of electoral processes.

This expert was delighted to see the Executive Committee at UNDP headquarters in New York validate this Program, whose overall budget is US $ 400 million, due to an annual budget of around US $ 130 million. He affirmed that this tool is translated into concrete actions of the provincial development plans.

Previously, Ms. Clarisse Museme of the UNDP Communication Unit had indicated that the objective of this press café was to present the 2020-2021 Country Program document with an emphasis on the priority areas of UNDP in the DRC. It was also a question of outlining the responses to the development challenges addressed in this development planning document. ACP/