Kwango week launch in Kenge


Kenge, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).– Joël Kafumbi, vice-president of the Provincial Consultation Framework of the Kwango Civil Society (CCPSC / KGO), launched last Wednesday in Kenge, the Kwango week, the CPA learned on Friday .

Running until July 11, 2021, this activity aims to collect, through the media, the views of the population on the blocking of the development of the said province to finally release a reference document, he said.

The holding of this week is an initiative from Kinshasa where the various leaders from the province and some partners have shown their commitment to this issue in order to find solid bases for development, added the vice-president of this structure.

He noted that the province has not made any significant progress despite the passage in its management of several governors since the dismemberment of the former province of Bandundu.

The launch of the Kwango week offers the opportunity to all Kwangolans wherever they are to express themselves by phone or media on all the problems that plague the said province, he noted, while inviting the provincial authorities to fully involve in this process.

The data collection will make it possible to produce a reference document to be exhibited in a forum planned shortly which will bring together the entire population of Kwango from different sectors, we inform. ACP/