Minister Patrick Muyaya pays a final tribute to Ernest Kabila, Director General of RTNC


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya Katembwe, paid a final tribute to Ernest Kabila at the esplanade of the Mama Angebi studio of the Congolese National Radio Television (RTNC) on Friday , director general of this public media, died since June 25th, 2021, in Kinshasa, following a short illness.

It was noted during this ceremony full of consternation of the Minister in charge of State in charge of the Portfolio, Adèle Kayinda Mahina, several personalities including the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nicole Dimbambu Buanga and the Director General Lambert Kaboyi from the Congolese Press Agency (CPA), agents and executives of the RTNC as well as the biological family of the illustrious disappeared.

In his message, Minister Patrick Muyaya saluted the memory of this man who distinguished himself by his courage, his work and his smile.

“The tribute that we pay him today constitutes a testimony, a recognition of the respect of a man who is always smiling and sympathetic. On behalf of the Head of State and members of the government, I offer you the most saddened condolences, “ he testified.

The Minister praised the courage of the family of the deceased and the solidarity expressed by all in favor of this grieving family. He also praised the professionalism of the RTNC agents who paid him deserved homage despite their pain: “I therefore invite the agents to continue in this work force already initiated by Ernest Kabila. The only way to be sure that he will be proud of you is to continue working,”insisted the Minister of Communication and Media.

The disappearance of the director general of RTNC destabilizes the agents and requires a certain adaptation, admitted Minister Muyaya as well as the director in charge of the license fee.

On the arrival of Ernest Kabila, the latter recalled, the law on the royalty was under construction. The deceased immersed himself in this file to understand all the contours and was very involved in it. And, it was in 2011 that the law was promulgated to everyone’s satisfaction. When in 2018, he returned to the head of the RTNC again, he made it his mission to complete this file, explained the director of the license.

Brief professional career of Ernest Kabila

Ernest Kabila joined RTNC in 2008, as acting deputy General Director. He was then appointed CEO from 2008 to 2011. He returned for a second term in 2018.

According to testimonies, the agents of this public media have fond memories of the illustrious disappeared who quadrupled their salaries and started the levy. Also, thanks to him, the national chain was able to acquire materials such as: assembly benches, drones, etc.

These funerals, which begin in Kinshasa, will continue in Lubumbashi where he will be buried, it says. He leaves behind a widow and orphans. ACP/