New senior military auditor promises rigor in law enforcement in Kasai Oriental


Mbuji-Mayi, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The new senior military auditor, Colonel Magistrate Jean-Louis Ntambwe, who continues his contacts with the military magistrates under his jurisdiction after taking office, promises to enforce the law in all its rigor with the aim of to combat disciplinary offenses, established as a criminal offense by the military code, the CPA learned on Friday.

According to him, only the application of penalties in connection with faults committed by soldiers and police officers found guilty, can give rise to responsible behavior of the latter, to reduce criminals committed voluntarily or involuntarily by elements of these two bodies.

The senior military auditor believes that the return of discipline in the ranks of the security forces will be able to keep civilians away from acts of complicity with the military or police, particularly in criminal associations and criminals, the sale of military and police effects to civilians, the erection of pirate barriers or insubordination to the civil authorities on duty. ACP/