Next held in Kinshasa of the 2nd session of the Tunisian Universities and Professional Centers Fair


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The city of Kinshasa will host from September 06 to 08, the 2nd session of the Salon of Tunisian Universities and Professional Centers, announced, the Ambassador of Tunisia in the DRC, Bouzekri Rmili in during a hearing granted to him on Friday by the Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Pr Tony Mwaba Kazadi in his office.

According to the Tunisian diplomat, these meetings will aim to attract more Congolese students for in-depth studies in Tunisia, said the Tunisian diplomat.

According to Bouzekri Rmili, more than 4,250 Congolese students are currently in Tunisia and live in good conditions.

The Tunisian diplomat is delighted with the availability and the sense of collaboration of the Minister of EPST who confirmed his participation in this forum.

He said that Minister Tony Mwaba also reassured him that his team will give all the assistance necessary for the holding of this 2nd Salon of Tunisian universities and professional centers. ACP/