Provincial Assembly / Kasai Oriental: appointment of a mediator for a peaceful climate


Mbuji-Mayi, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- Provincial deputy Amand Kalengayi wa Nzembela, oldest member of the Provincial Assembly of Kasai Oriental (APKOR), was appointed at the end of the meeting of the members of the new office headed by Athanase Kabongo Kalala , as a mediator to resolve the internal conflict which undermines the elected representatives of the people.

This appointment follows the dissensions observed among the deputies claiming on one side of the change supporting the former president and on the other of good governance, thus causing in the hemicycle a climate of total disagreement.

For the office, the provincial deputies defend a single constitutional cause, and that as such, they should not aim for selfish interests while forgetting the primary sovereign people. Some political observers suggest that the oldest member be joined by some members of civil society, including religious leaders. ACP/