The mayor of Kalamu determined to increase the sanitation of the mirror places of his municipality


Kinshasa, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).– The mayor of the commune of Kalamu, Jean Claude Kadima, reiterated, Thursday, during an interview with the CPA, the determination of his administration to increase the pace of sanitation of neighborhoods and especially mirror places of this municipality.

He indicated that the “Kalamu Bopeto” sanitation team was able to spend 26 working nights in succession dedicated to cleaning up places such as: Place Victoire, Boulevard Sendwe, Avenue Kasa-Vubu at the level Cabu and Bongolo Bridge, etc., signaling that efforts will continue on the same path in other reference corners such as: Oshwe and du Stade avenues.

These works, he said, are carried out at night, with the aim of reducing, if anything, the rate of insalubrity, the presence of pirate markets and at the same time securing the commune of Kalamu, particularly the Place des Artistes which is frequented until late hours.

« My concern is to carry out 46 nights of sanitation to make the town of Kalamu healthy and restore it to its former image », he said, before specifying that this work mainly concerns the evacuation of sand and waste. refuse, the cleaning of gutters, the renewal of the paint on the edges of the roadway and the installation of annealing wires around the Place des Artistes.

Burgomaster Kadima took the opportunity to invite the population to appropriate the vision of the governor of the city of Kinshasa, focused on the sanitation of the capital « Kinshasa-Bopeto ».

He also welcomed the rehabilitation of public lighting, which is gradually eradicating the hiding places of uncivil people commonly known as « Kuluna ». ACP/