Tshopo: no other additional fees to be levied for participation in TENAFEP and the state exam


Kisangani, July 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The director of the educational province Tshopo I, Narcisse Mukekwa announced last weekend during an interview with the press, that no other additional costs can be paid by the different candidates for the National Primary School Leaving Test (TENAFEP) for primary school and for the state examination.

According to TENAFEP, the provincial authority has set the cost of taking the test at eighteen thousand (18,000) Franc Congolais per candidate, only from private schools. Schoolchildren in state schools are therefore exempt, in the name of free primary education, in accordance with article 43 of the Constitution. On the other hand, any candidate registered for the state examination must pay ninety five thousand (CDF 95,000), at the rate of fifty thousand (CDF 50,000) for the non-sessional tests which already begin on July 12th and forty – five thousand (45,000) Francs for the session itself.

In addition, Narcisse Mukekwa declared that only the bulletins adopted by the joint committee will be used for the 2020-2021 school year. These bulletins are expected shortly in Kisangani from Kinshasa. For previous school years, the director of the educational province Tshopo I, clarified that it is the responsibility of any parent who has paid the bulletin fees to claim the acquisition of this important document for their child from responsible from the school where his child studied. So there is no question of paying twice for the report card for a school year, he concluded. ACP/