Cooperation between DRC and Egypt on the menu of exchanges at the Prime Minister’s Office


Kinshasa, July 15th, 2021 (CPA).- Cooperation between Kinshasa and Cairo was at the center of discussions, on Thursday at the prime minister’s office, between Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde and an Egyptian delegation led by the Minister in charge of Water Resources and Irrigation from Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Abdelaty.

« It was a very constructive working session concerning development in DRC, especially since relations between the two have extended from independence until now », said Dr. Mohamed Abdelaty after the discussions.

According to the Egyptian minister, bilateral relations between the two countries are very strong at the level of Heads of State, Prime Ministers, ministers and all government organizations in the various areas of cooperation.

« It is in this context that DRC’s Minister in charge of the Environment today inaugurated the rainfall and climate change forecasting center, a donation from the Egyptian government for DRC. This project will help the Congolese government and people to cope with unexpected situations regarding water and other natural disasters”, the Egyptian statesman said.

For the latter, there are other projects under discussion between the authorities of the two countries, notably concerning the irrigation system during the season and the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

“It’s the same thing we did with Uganda, and what we are doing with Tanzania. These are all projects that we want them to reflect the standard of living in sisterly countries like DRC”, said Mohamed Abdelaty.

When asked about the conflict over the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, Dr. Mohamed Abdelaty said Egypt has never been against the construction of this dam.

“I would like to say at this point that we have never been against the Ethiopia dam. But we want a dam in Ethiopia that can help development in Ethiopia without doing damage or harming or having bad repercussions on the interests of Egypt. We want this Ethiopia dam to be managed and managed in such a way that it can benefit both countries. Ethiopia has already built 4 dams without Egypt making any objection”, he said.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of the Environment Eve Bazaïba Masudi, who led the Egyptian delegation to the head of government, listed the extent of cooperation projects between Egypt and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

« I accompanied the delegation of our partners from the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt because today, July 15th, 2021, we are going to materialize the project that began in 2012 on a number of works in favor of DRC. The whole project is that DRC is the beneficiary of a donation of USD 10,500,000 from the Egyptian government, which donation is broken down in different books”, she said.

According to Eve Bazaiba, there is capacity building of Congolese experts in irrigation, in disaster management related to water resources for which she inaugurated the Kinshasa hydro-informatics center which will help forecast natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and anything related to adaptation to global warming.

This work, she continues, will also help the ministry in charge of Agriculture to properly manage agricultural seasons. In addition to this other ministries that will benefit from this project, namely the Ministry in charge of Rural Development and that of Transport, in particular on the fluvial and lake transport component, to know how to curb the periods, the quantity and the flow of water brute.

« In addition, there is the irrigation project, transfer of irrigation technologies in the event of a water shortage situation, which takes place in Kinzono site towards Bateke plateau where Egyptian experts are working directly with Congolese experts for the transfer of this kind of technology”, declared Ms. Eve Bazaïba.

The Egyptian government, it is recalled, is cooperating with DRC in many sectors, particularly security, including training grants are awarded to Congolese learners the Minister in charge of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt. In addition to Minister Dr. Mohamed Abdelaty, the Egyptian delegation was made up of the Egyptian Ambassador in DRC and other experts from the land of the Pharaohs. ACP/