Death in Kinshasa of the artist actor Kadiombo Yamba Bilonda


Kinsha, July 17th, 2021 (CPA). – The Congolese comedian artist, Marius Kadiombo Yamba Bilonda, alias Tatu Kadiombo, died on the night of Thursday to Friday, at the age of 63, at the polyclinic « Médecin de night”, in the commune of Gombe, in Kinshasa, following a short illness, announced to the CPA, the president of the National Association of Popular Theater and Cinema, Ndungi Mambimbi alias“ Masumu Debrindet ”.

Saddened by this news, many of his fellow artists and fanatics began to react through social networks, to express their compassion and testify what this talented cultural actor was.

The coordinator of the non-profit organization « Artists in danger », Langu Masima Tsaka Kongo indicated that the disappearance of Tatu Kadiombo is « a great loss for the artistic community, for whom he remains an icon, because of his sense of professionalism which exceeded the borders of the DRC”.

The comedian Bienvenue Tukebana, better known as Caleb, also praised the bravery of his elder brother, whom he also remembers as a « talented and creative comedian ».

‘Pede Nada’ comedian invites peers to cultivate love

In addition, the comedian Mastor Brimbo alias Pede Nada, also expressed his compassion to all Congolese artists, following the disappearance of the comedian Marius Kadiombo, by launching a message of appeal to love and to solidarity with the Congolese actors, in order to better evolve in the profession ,.

Mastor Brimbo took the opportunity to oppose the process of going to the authorities every time to knock on the door to take care of the funerals of the artists, believing that they can better organize themselves to take care of themselves.

Teacher, actor and creative director

Born March 3, 1958, in the former province of Katanga, Kadiombo Yamba Bilonda was both an actor and playwright, skilled in the design and production of commercials related to raising awareness of actions of public interest.

For several years, he worked as a language, mathematics and biology teacher at the Tshondo Mwene Ntanda school in Lubumbashi, in the Haut-Katanga province, before obtaining a license in private judicial law.

Gifted in the art of imitation, he embodied the role of Marshal Mobutu in the electoral play « Debate on Gondwana TV » and was also deputy director of a television station broadcasting in Kinshasa.

He was preparing to launch, in partnership with the production house “Bayende film”, the . short film “Paris at any price”, which he was directing. ACP/