Minister Claudine Ndusi launches inspection control in companies


Kinshasa July 17th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of Employment, Labor and Social Welfare, Claudine Ndusi launched, Thursday, in Kinshasa, the operation of inspection control in companies and workplaces.

Minister Ndusi began this operation with the General Secretariat of Labor where she visited the administrative premises, in order to feel the working and hygienic conditions faced by the agents of this ministry.

“We wanted to start with our own ministry. This is to tell entrepreneurs and other institutions that soon we will take a look in this area,”she said.

She visited in turn the Directorates of General Services, Studies and Planning, Revenue Accounting and Programs, among others, the National Youth Employment Program (PROYEN), Jobs and Income Creation Programs ( PROCER).

According to Minister Ndusi, the mission of this inspection control is to see if the working conditions, social dialogue and the standards contained in the Labor Code in the DRC are respected in companies.

In addition, the Minister of Employment discussed in her office in Gombe with the Resident Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Shibata, on the promotion and capacity building project. trainers in the technical field.

According to Minister Ndusi, this project will allow the DRC to have its own trainers, in the technical field, and to be able to design programs in several areas, without seeking outside expertise.

JICA Resident Representative Shibata was accompanied by Olivier Diemby, Deputy Program Director and INPP Director General Maurice Sthikuya. ACP/