NGO Hakiza Kinadamu congratulates the provincial authority for restoring peace in southern Maniema province


Kindu, July 17th, 2021 (CPA).- The executive secretary of the National Coordination for the Defense of Human Rights, (CNDH) / Maniema, Raphael Opelele Lokenga, in a broadcast message, a copy of which reached the CPA on Thursday, congratulated the acting governor of the province of Maniema for having succeeded in pacifying the territories in the south of the province.

According to him, his mission in the territory of Kabambare where the chief executive launched the peace caravan, enabled him to surrender two heads of an armed militia in the sector of BB Salamabila, in the territory of Kabambare. , Sovereign Mandevu Amisi and Kabala Selemani, as well as their political leader Romain Mukambilwa who went last Monday with their troops to Salamabila.

On this occasion, Raphael Opelele launched an SOS to the public authorities as well as to humanitarian partners and other men of good will so that supervision and support measures are taken in real time to prevent these people. return to the bush. ACP/