Second visit of the Military Governor of North Kivu to Kitchanga


Goma, July 17th, 2021 (CPA).- The Military Governor of the province of North Kivu, Lieutenant General Constant Ndima Ekenge, has just made a second trip to Kichanga in the space of three weeks when he arrived on Wednesday 14 July 2021, at the head of a large delegation.

In the capital of the Bashali Mokoto Group, in the Bashali sector, Lieutenant General Ndima Kongba Constant was handed over by the commander of the Operational Sector Sukola 2 North Kivu, several captured and those who surrendered as well as a large quantity of weapons recovered from armed groups.

After the first wave of 134 captured and surrendered to the FARDC, this second wave includes a staff of 94 members of armed groups who have yielded to military pressure from the regular army. This brings to 224 combatants recovered by the FARDC in record time.

Regarding the harvest of weapons of war, it is very flourishing: after the 73 and the 81 others handed over to General Ndima on May 21 in Kitchanga and July 10, 2021 at the Headquarters of the Operational Sector Sukola 2 in Goma, 65 weapons including 63 AK47, 02 RPG7 rocket launchers and two 40 mm rockets were handed over on Wednesday July 14 to the Military Governor of North Kivu in Kitchanga.

On the way back to Goma, Lieutenant General Ndima Kongba visited the 400 surrenders quartered in the Mobambiro regrouping site. He immersed himself in their living conditions and their care.

All the problems encountered on the spot were presented to the Chief of the Provincial Executive who, as in Kitchanga, seized this opportunity to magnify the patriotism and nationalism of all the compatriots who responded positively to the call of the President of the Republic. Félix Antoine Tshisekedi to lay down his arms to participate in the national reconstruction effort.

Finally, General Ndima galvanized the morale of the new infantry company sent as reinforcements from the Lokosa training center in Kisangani, which is also working to secure the city of Goma. ACP/